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Since 1987, the Instituto de Ciencia Política (ICP) has established itself as a center of democratic thought and as an association of free men and women united by a common affection for an intellectual identity with the principles, values and feelings that constitute democracy as a political, economic, social and cultural system, and united also by their desire to act constantly and efficiently towards overcoming the lack of stability and mistakes of our political sector, in order to achieve economic, political, social and environmental development.

ICP, as an influential think tank in the nation, has been able, through its studies, recommendations and debates, to mediate decisively in the new directions and measures taken on different occasions by public authorities, as well as in the formation of new national political thought, favorable to the market economy, economic openness, necessary privatizations and the modernization of the State. The institution is not, nor aspires, to be a new political party or movement, and it is independent of parties, religions and governments.



To consecrate free market economy, competition and individual initiative, as well as the reduction of State intervention and control to the minimum indispensable, as fundamental principles.


To establish ourselves as the leading Think Tank of liberal ideas in Colombia, and to be one of the most influential in Latin America.


»Equal Opportunity



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